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Ileigo | 23/06/2020
Oh I know you must have heard this
A million times before. But
Girl here I am, I wanna say some
More. It’s so amazing how you let
Me in your life. I’m so glad. Me
Wanna know. Baby open the door
To your heart make I enter. Your
Love is the purest thing that
I ever felt. And being with you
Is the sweetest thing that I … that
I ever dreamt. Take it from me.
Hey-ay. With you is where I’ll
Rather be. Oh yeah. And this are
Just some of the few things I wanna
Let you know. Climb the highest
Mountain and I will climb it with
Ya. Baby believe, I’ll never
Let you go. Because with you is
I’ll rather be. And when you took
My hand, you took me into the
Promise land. So girl, I promise
I’ll be your man… I’ll be your
Every time I go outside and I see
The things outside. I always
Have to close my eyes to visualize
What it feels like to be living
In paradise. But when I stay inside
With you. And I look into your
Eyes, I never have to close my
Eyes to visualize what it feels
Like to be like to be living in
Paradise. This is no ordinary
It’s an extraordinary feeling.
Makes me wanna touch the ceiling.
Make me feel like am flying. Make
Me want to be reveling. Cos I
Want you to be sure. That I’m not
Lying. There’s no denying. That
I want you more and more. More
And more. More and more.
Every time that I’m around you
I hear gunshots no more. There’s
Peace all around me. You got me
Feeling like a don. So many things
I wanna say to you. But I cannot
Find the words. Got me feeling
Like a king, got me feeling like
An innocent. See, your love must
Be sound-proof, cos I don’t hear
What the people say. I’m born-again
Everyday. Take it from me. With
You is where I’ll rather be. Oh
Yeah. Hi! And these are some of
The few things I wanna let you know.
Swim the deepest sea and I’ll
Swim it with ya. Baby believe I’ll
Never let you go. With you is where
I’ll rather be. And when you
Took my hand, you took me into
The promise land. So I promise
I’ll be your man…
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Written by Ileigo


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