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Ileigo | 23/06/2020
I sing, I sing, I sing, I beg everyone
To join my song. Lets
Sit and up and rock and roll it
All night long. Lets pop Champaign
Together. Come out, come out
Wherever you are. Party non-stopper.
Make you do the rub-a-duber to
The sound for this song.
Make you do the tapa-tapa tap
Am together. Go on sóun sóun.
You see, next year, I will love
To marry. So before then,
I want to thoroughly party. I
Want test all the skills that
I got in me. So when the party finish,
I will put it behind
Me. So let the carnival begins,
Pass the IVs. The party
Is everywhere. There’s no VIP.
You can come from Otukpo
Or from overseas. You can rock
It in the club or go to a beach.
I wan see people plenty plenty.
Awon omo ele must to whine
Some body. Afro beat hurray.
All my players make we play.
Chei! Chei! Pass me the kpoli.
It’s obvious that I’m too
Holy. Na two-two chicks I go dey
Carry. One in my bed another
One in my Jacuzzi. Take am slowly.
Dey rock am, dey shake
Am, dey whine am dey go. Everybody
Come together. Make
We scatter, dey rock am, dey do
Am dey go.
Ok now. A ghetto guy want to fumble.
A ghetto guy want
To see the ghetto girl, dem dey
Shamble. Eke please come
Rumble because a ghetto guy want
To relax after the hustle
And bustle. Abi make I still settle?
Ok, hold me to the bar
Make una shark two-two bottle.
Because I am capable. Abi
You wan try to stop the unstoppable?
Shine your eye, make
You no high. Make you no dey see
Double come dey cause trouble.
Shine your eye, make you no high,
Make e no be you wey dem
Go use koboko humble. Because
When they finish with you,
E go do you like you and Kamala
Fight royal rumble. Because
When they finish with you, e go
Do you like you and Okacha
Enter one jungle. Kia! Kia! Make
Gra-gra subtle. No come
Here con dey brake bottle. At
This junction I want to inform
Thee say this kian party no hanky-panky.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Bebedidin diong-diong ileke
Jabo-jabo. Rock
Am togther. Jam am together.
Yo! Enough respect. Enough
Respect to everybody. Come out,
Come out wherever you
Are. Enough respect to all the
DJs. Yes o. yes o. Rock to
The sound. Do the tapa-tapa,
Tap am together. Go sóun sóun.
Na so. Na so. All night long. Lets
Pop Champaign together.
Come out, come out wherever you
Are. Party non stopper,
Make you do the rub-a-duber to
The sound for this song.
I sing, I sing, I sing, I want everyone
To join my song. Yeah
Yeah, yeah yeah.
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Written by Ileigo


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